Consultations on customs legislation

The key activity of our customs specialists is the provision of advice on customs payments and issues.

In particular, the customs specialists of our company are ready to advise on the following issues of customs payments and foreign economic activity:

  • Calculation of customs payments for import and export of goods
  • Calculation of payments for certification of imported and exported goods
  • Calculation of the value chain of imported and exported goods
  • Drafting and analysis of a foreign trade contract;
  • Analysis of documents for making a foreign economic transaction;
  • Customer support in the preparation and submission of documents to resolve customs issues;
  • Preparation of responses to requests and requirements of customs, including during additional verification of customs value;
  • Recovery of customs payments;

The cost of a specialist consultation

The cost of the work of a customs specialist in preparing legal advice depends on the scope of the task.

On a number of issues, our customs specialists provide free legal advice.

If the issue requires familiarization with the documents, study of the regulatory framework or judicial practice, our specialists prepare an extended written consultation. The cost of preparing such a consultation depends on the number and complexity of the questions raised.

The standard cost of a written consultation with a customs specialist ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 million soums, depending on the complexity, number and volume of questions. The estimated cost of an oral consultation on customs issues ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 soums.

In addition, consultation on customs issues is possible remotely for any city, including for foreign companies and clients.

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