One ​​of simple organizational and legal forms of business entities in Uzbekistan is a Family Enterprise operating on the basis of  No. ZRU-327 of April 26, 2012.

Family members enterprises, in accordance with the law, bear subsidiary liability with their property for the obligations of a family enterprise in case of insufficient property of the enterprise.

Members of the family enterprises can be the head of the family, his wife (husband), children and grandchildren, parents, other relatives who have reached working age (wives of children and grandchildren, blood and half-brothers and sisters, their spouses and children, uncles and aunts)< /strong>. 

Officers of state bodies, as well as other persons who are prohibited by law from engaging in entrepreneurial activities, cannot be members of a family business.

A member of one family business cannot be a member of another family business at the same time.

The minimum size of the authorized capital of a family business is not limited, it can be determined in the licensing requirements.

The service includes:

1. consultation;
2. reservation of the business name of the enterprise at the time of ordering the service;
3. development of a package of individual constituent documents, as well as other related documents;
4. preparation of a preliminary sketch of the company's round seal and corner stamp for preliminary approval by the client;
5. selection of the main type of activity of the enterprise from National classifier of types of economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan (OKED) ;
6. submission of documents for registration;
7. obtaining statistics codes, company TIN and registration certificate;
8. round stamp (any tooling and type) and corner stamp;
9. preparation of documents for the bank (decision, order etc.);
10. providing the source files of constituent documents, as well as the necessary sample documents to start the operation of the enterprise.

 To start the Family Business registration process we need the following:

Step 1:  pdf2.gif download and fill out the client form;
Step 2: prepare copies of passports of enterprise participants;
3rd step: call us.

Cost -  1 200 000 sum < /strong>(our services) + 300 000 UZS(duty

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