Registration of PE in Tashkent

A private enterprise is a commercial organization created and managed by an owner - one individual (according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan On Private Enterprise No. 558-II 11.12.2003).

The service includes:

1. consultation;
2. reservation and obtaining of a company brand name at the moment of our service order;
3. development of a package of individual constituent, as well as other related documents;
4. design of preliminary sketch of round seal (of any design, tooling and type) and corner stamp of the Enterprise for the advance approval;
5. selection of a special code as the main type of Enterprise's activity (General State Classification of Economic Activities);
6. submission the documents to a registering authority;
7. obtaining of GSCEA, TIN and certificate of registration of the Enterprise;
8. production of a round seal and a corner stamp;
9. preparation of documents for the Bank (resolutions. order etc.).
10. providing the source files of the constituent documents in digital format, as well as the necessary samples of documents for the start of activity.


To start the process of PE registration in Uzbekistan we need the next:

Step 1: fill the Questionnaire of client (download here pdf  ); 
Step 2:
prepare copies of passports of owner; 
Step 3:
contact us.


2-40.pngPrice is 1 200 000 UZS (our service) + 300 000 UZS (government fee)           40_1.png 3-5 working days.





Address: Karshi, Kashkadarya region, Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 93 525 77 76