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On the pages of our website, we tried to give the most complete information about us and our services, including the preparation of documents necessary for registration and re-registration, customs clearance of export and import goods, preparation and registration of international contracts and other documents of your company in Uzbekistan, and much more … .

Especially for you, we have collected all the most interesting and useful information that will help you in solving your questions, if necessary, we will provide you with a preliminary free consultation on the preparation of constituent documents, registration and re-registration of companies, address registration and other consulting services.

We provide a full range of services necessary for both a novice businessman and companies that have been on the market of Uzbekistan for a long time. Registration of LLC, PE, JV LLC, IP LLC, as well as other organizational and legal forms, formalities related to registration of the address, customs clearance of export and import cargoes, preparation and registration of international contracts, Submission of an electronic application to certification bodies (SUE “Uztest” , Veterinary, Quarantine, Ecology, SES, Expertise, etc.) through the portal www.singlewindows.uz, as well as many others.

The specialists of our company speak 4 languages

For our regular customers we offer special programs, seasonal discounts and special service conditions.

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About Us

"BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING" LLC - has been providing customs brokerage services, organizing and supporting business in the Republic of Uzbekistan since 2016. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in this field.

Today "BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING" LLC is a consulting company, located for the convenience of customers in the city of Karshi, Kashkadarya region. Many years of experience of employees allows us to timely and effectively solve problems that arise in the course of the activity of any enterprise, as well as in the daily life of citizens.

The main principle of our work is that we build your business as for ourselves, on the principles of high professionalism and conscientious approach to business. That is why we prefer an individual approach. In this case, each of our specialists will be able to fully share their experience with you, as well as warn against incorrect investments and significantly reduce the risk of failures during customs clearance

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Address: Karshi, Kashkadarya region, Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 93 525 77 76