Developing a business plan is a fairly popular task in solving many business problems. Meanwhile, the concept of "business plan", despite its popularity in Uzbekistan, is understood ambiguously and often incorrectly. This leads not only to entrepreneurs' misconceptions about the business planning process, but also to much speculation by so-called "experienced business planners". The end result is wasted time and money.

Employees of OOO "BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING" rely primarily on the theoretical and methodological research of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of business planning, as well as their own unique developments in this area.

To get a general idea about the development of business plans and the features of the successful work of BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING LLC, we will answer the main questions that arise from business leaders and owners.
What is a business plan?

This is a description of the project, containing in a structural form all the information about the project necessary for its successful implementation;
This is a comprehensive document that most fully reflects the most important aspects and characteristics of an entrepreneurial undertaking, which is a formalized investment proposal;
This is a document that describes the main aspects of the future business enterprise and analyzes the problems that the enterprise may face, as well as determines how to solve these problems.

What is the purpose of a business plan?

  1. For the purpose of strategic planning, creation or development of a business, as well as effective control of its main indicators.

This is, first of all, a business plan that is developed for the internal purposes of your enterprise. Such a document is not associated with any external requirements, it serves only the tasks that business owners set before its development.

  1. In order to attract investment.

In this case, the business plan must provide confirmation to the investor (bank, investment fund, venture company, etc.) of the money back guarantee. Such business planning must carefully comply with the numerous requirements of specific financial institutions. This includes both formal formatting requirements and our specific guidelines for evaluating and presenting a financial model.

BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING LLC has a successful experience of working with serious investors, including foreign ones, and will develop a business plan for any requirements, providing the necessary materials in any language and in any form.

What are the main tasks to be solved when developing a business plan (using the example of a business plan for an investment project)?

  1. Marketing research and marketing plan.
  2. Forecast of the main parameters of the external environment of the enterprise.
  3. Substantiation of price conditions for the implementation of the project.
  4. Planning of the production program - production volumes and basic resources (production plan).
  5. Development of an organizational plan for the implementation of the project, the organization of the created production and its management.
  6. Determination of the structure and amount of investments in the implementation of the investment project.
  7. Planning the current costs of the project.
  8. Construction of a financial and economic computer model for the formation of the financial results of the project, calculation of criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of an investment project.
  9. Risk assessment of the project implementation and solutions for their optimization.
  10. Making a business plan in accordance with the requirements for specific purposes, developing the necessary multimedia and other materials for its promotion and protection.

Even the most successful developments, investment decisions and business plans require a competent approach to presentation. Only then will the necessary resources be allocated for their implementation.

It should be borne in mind that each credit institution, investment fund, venture company has its own unique requirements for a business plan. In addition, visualization of these materials is often required, their presentation and protection from a potential investor.

Specialists of BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING LLC have rich experience in solving these problems.

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