Tourist services - transportation, accommodation services, as well as other services (catering, organization of tourist travel, sightseeing and other services) that are not related services for transportation or accommodation, the provision of which in the complex of services included in the tour allows you to make a tourist trip in accordance with its goals and needs of a tourist, a sightseer.

Classification of tourist services

There are many types of tourism services, which are classified on certain grounds. Currently, in theory, the following grounds for classifying tourism services are distinguished:
Based on the way tourists are accommodated - in hotels, hotels, campsites, boarding houses, camp sites, sanatoriums, etc.
Based on the method of providing tourists with food - in bars, restaurants, cafes, and other ways.
Based on the method of movement of tourists - transportation by various modes of transport, and the specifics of the movement depends on which region or which country the tourist decided to visit.
Proceeding from the advertising grounds - advertising and marketing.
Based on the provision of additional services - the services of translators, guides, animators, etc.
Based on the satisfaction of cultural interests - visits to theaters, cinemas, museums, attractions, parks, sports and other events.
Based on the need to satisfy the business and scientific interest of tourists - participation in conferences, congresses, assemblies, symposiums, etc.
Based on the location of the travel agency: foreign tourist organizations or Russian tourist organizations.

In addition, tourist services are divided into the category of basic, additional and related. The main tourist services are included in the tourist product and are determined by the contract for tourist services, secured with a voucher. Usually these are transport services, accommodation services, as well as another additional service of any nature. Additional services are paid for during the trip, for example, the purchase of additional excursions, wellness treatments, etc. Related services are providing tourists with souvenirs, goods of various categories, foreign exchange and credit services, etc.

Importance of tourism services

Tourist services are important for tourists as clients of travel companies. To date, tourism services have become quite popular and prestigious, and travel is in demand by various categories of the population. An active lifestyle, constant movement, learning new things are in fashion. It is for this reason that tourism services do not lose their relevance.

Tourism allows you to create additional jobs for certain categories of the population who are ready to work in the service sector and help clients meet their needs. These are not only employees of hotels, various types of transport, but also people who are engaged in entertainment activities, for example, guides, animators, etc. In the general complex, they all form a tourist product that can be used by the client in a variety of variations.

The established classification of tourist services is very conditional, since they largely intersect with each other. For example, it is not uncommon to move along a route by more than one mode of transport. In addition, there are specific types of tourism, which involves the constant movement of the client from point to point.

The tourism product includes the following services:

A comprehensive product for the provision of accommodation, catering, provision of important needs and human security.
A trip that is made along a certain route, for a certain purpose, at a certain time.

Tourism product is the primary unit of tourism production, which is sold for the purpose of sale, acting as a unit of labor of the tour operator.

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