PINFL (personal identification number of an individual) - is a single identifier that certifies the identity of a citizen when providing all state, banking, social and other services in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On additional measures to further create favorable conditions for the population and business entities when using public services, reducing bureaucratic barriers in this direction" UP-6191 dated March 23, 2021.

Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan determine their personal PINFL in their biometric passport:

Foreign citizens and stateless persons who do not permanently reside in Uzbekistan can obtain PINFL at the regional (city) departments of migration and citizenship registration (passport offices) or at the Public Service Centers (PSC) of any district / city. To obtain PINFL, foreign citizens or stateless persons must apply to the passport office or to the Central State University personally, presenting a passport, photo 3x4, temporary registration in the Republic of Uzbekistan. As a result of the application, foreign citizens will receive PINFL within 2-4 business days. Getting PINFL by proxy is also possible.

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